1. Write your script.

great writing tips

Use our easy copy tips to write your unique script. Add music and theme plus your logo and call-to-action.

2. Moove your words.

seo video

Moovd instantly matches the words you type with awesome animations. One click activates the magic.

3. Deliver and deploy.

youtube marketing videos

When you're happy, buy and download a premium video or upload a watermarked version to YouTube for free.

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How Moovd works.

We like to think our multi-stage proprietary system is revolutionary. Under the hood is a heady mix of cutting edge web and browser technology, ingenious code, and a sprinkling of Artificial Intelligence. But we keep the application as simple as we can. More details here.

Why moving text delivers.

Versatile, memorable and ahead of the curve, Moovd delivers proven viewer engagement. How? Because our moving text talks to you. Whether your message is bold, corporate, or relaxed, Moovd delivers simple, direct, emotional connections that work for any business.

Now everyone can be a video genius!

In just seconds Moovd turns your script into your video. Use Moovd for local online advertising, seo video marketing, landing page videos, social media marketing campaigns, and your small business marketing strategy.

Designed with love for your business.

No software to buy. Nothing to learn. Simple “buy what you need” approach. Moovd is your go-to in-a-minute resource for striking free advertising online videos you can use commercially now.

What our customers say.


Moovd marketing video gives our visual messaging a whole new dimension without any hassle. It’s easy to use we can deploy on our marketing channels in minutes.  


Moovd is very easy to understand and has great music and themes. The end result is fabulous and fast. It’s great for powerful media messages!


Where else can you get a great promo video for your key messages in minutes? And writing your video without needing a camera is a lot of fun!


Easy video marketing at an insane price! Moovd delivered no hassle promo video with a simple interface. Fast, testable campaigns are easy to implement.


Highly effective video advertising tool. Moovd makes it incredibly easy for my sales team to offer our customers instantly available and engaging ad creative.


The idea of “writing your video” and having your script literally come to life is amazing! Intuitive and inexpensive, Moovd delivers fast. 

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